KevinJeyzorModMaking aweb admin posted Feb 18, 13
Hello Minecrafters!

And welcome to our new Website!

On this new website you can follow all news about us & download ALL our submissions, but mostly Mods, of course! Please rate the new website HERE!

             - The Team -

                                  Team Leader & Lead Coder - Kevinzuman22
                                      Team Leader & Lead Texturer - Jeyzor
                                                   1st Texturer - OPEN
                                                   2nd Texturer - OPEN
                                                   3rd Texturer - OPEN
                                                  Mob Texturer - OPEN

  If you want 1 of these positions, you will have to apply! Apply Status: POSSIBLE

I hope you will like the new website! 

     - The Team on PMC -